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As a remote-first global entity, our team spans 10+ countries, believing talent knows no borders. Our mission is to help growth teams at startups with analytics expertise, from achieving PMF to scaling up. Join us to collaborate with the top 1% of global growth thinkers


Remote First Company 🌎

As a remote-first company with a global footprint, our team spans across the Netherlands, Japan, Colombia, Spain, Pakistan, Moldova, and Germany, embodying our belief that talent transcends borders. Join us and benefit from collaborating with the top 1% of global growth thinkers.

Top 1% Growth Practitioners  🧠

Our growth consultants come from companies like Booking.com, Amplitude, Crunchyroll ( acquired by Sony) among other trailblazers. Dive in and get acquainted with some of the talent behind solving complex challenges related to improve growth levers: Acquisition, Onboarding, Activation,  Retention, Monetization or Referrals.

Powering Startups Success 🙌

We excel in marrying Marketing and Product  solutions e.g. Amplitude and GA4 to deliver tangible insights to power startup success. We advise promising startups, VC firms and startup accelerators on how their portfolio companies should grow with the help of analytics.

Meet Our Growth Team

We are consultants from renown companies in the tech industry such as Amplitude Analytics, Optimizely, Booking.com, Sony among others.  

Dayana Marin
Co-founder · CEO ·
Growth User Acquisition

Based in Amsterdam, she co-founded Adasight to drive data-driven growth for startups and scale-ups. Her last experience at Booking.com, where she managed the Affiliate Program and forged key partnerships, shaped her expertise in leveraging analytics for global expansion. Dayana is also mentor at the prestigious Startup Catalyst Endeavor.org

Gregor Spielmann
Cofounder · COO ·
Growth Product Analytics

Born in Germany, Based in Amsterdam, Formerly Solution Consultant at Amplitude, and Optimizely. Gregor has advised from startups to large organizations like Adidas. He blends marketing, product, and analytics for a unique growth approach, aiding both B2B and B2C expertise to solve acquisition, retention challenges through analytics. He partners include Amplitude, Segment.

Shoin Wolfe
Growth Consultant. Experimentation & Design

Based in Tokyo, Shoin, a Growth and Data Advisor at Adasight, has a rich background in Product Design, Management, and Data Analysis. Formerly boosting Hatch's growth, leading data and design at Teller Novel, and a VC at Digital Garage, he's pivotal in driving startup growth. Awarded the Good Design Award in 2017 for Street Academy.

Oleg Musteata
Growth Consultant.
Product Growth

At Crunchyroll (Sony Group), as Senior Product Manager, he spearheaded the Funimation user migration and the Crunchyroll Game Vault development. He is a product leader focused on improving app usability, engagement, and retention, leading to increased KPIs and reduced churn on web and mobile for many startups at Adasight.

Susana Bravo
UX/UI Lead - Partnership with Squarish

Susana currently works on the digital assets of Adasight Marketing team and supports Adasight Growth. She is the go-to person when it is about Adasight brand identity, website and digital assets.

Santiago Marin
Junior Implementation Specialist

Santiago is specialist in tracking Implementation and also growth tech ecosystem integrations. He currently also works as Implementation specialist at a telecommunications leader in South America called Tigo.

Santiago Martínez
Senior Tracking Analytics Specialist

Santiago, a consultant at Adasight and head of marketing analytics at Millicom (Tigo), drives growth by merging technology with marketing to tackle challenges and unlock opportunities.

Ahmad Malik
Analytics Engineer

Product & Growth Leader with 10+ years of experience in the industries of e-commerce, fintech, ride hailing & telecom. Managed and scaled multiple products to 10M+ users. He is also Head of Product at ProductMarkaz Technologies (YC W22)

Heri Chiragi
Social Media Management

Heri leads Adasight's social media account management, driving the brand's online engagement and visibility. He ensures Adasight's message resonates across platforms, fostering growth and community connection.

At Adasight, talent has no limits

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Our team spans various countries such as The Netherlands, Japan, Spain, UK, Germany, Colombia, Pakistan. We operate in an asynchronous Adasight way.


We have helped more than 50 startups teams do great things with analytics. We do this by running a data-driven growth team that’s focused on Growth Analytics, Growth Strategy CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), Experimentation. Improving the Growth Levers of any company.


Adasight  was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  We advise promising startups, VC firms and accelerators on how their portfolio companies should grow with the help of analytics.


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