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Growth Analytics
for Ambitious Startups

We help teams with analytics expertise to achieve product-market fit (PMF) and scale efficiently. Set up your lean growth analytics toolkit, translate insights into actionable growth plans, and conduct A/B experiments⏤ Let's build your Growth Analytics Engine! 


We have helped 50+ growth teams to streamlined their analytics to propel revenue

adasight Product market-fit

Product market-fit

You cannot improve what you don't measure, it all starts there! We help you set-up and  use analytics to improve your growth levers: onboarding, activation, retention, and monetization metrics (AARRR). Measure Product-market fit (PMF) with specialised tools like Amplitude. Let's define together your North Star Metric (NSM), set your analytics stack to identify successful features, power users, run AB testing and more.

adasight marketing analytics agency

Product & Marketing Analytics   

Have your team achieved product-market fit but now it is time to scale product and acquisition? Get the full potential of tools like Amplitude, and  Segment to pinpoint areas for improvement in your product and optimise a multi-channel marketing and growth loops. Integrate your growth tech stack,  and benefit from industry-tested methods and frameworks to scale with Growth Analytics! 


Operational Investor

Leverage our expertise for your startup portfolio. At Adasight  we've  worked with 50+ startups throughout 2023 and 2024. We offer growth advisory for your teams to get  them from 1M to 10M in AARR and beyond. This is all data-enabled growth.

adasight operational investor

Measure <> Analyse <> Experiment

We empower your product and marketing teams with advanced analytics! . We are  certified partners of tools like Amplitude, Segment among others  in the growth space.

adasight data driven marketing
adasight data driven marketing
adasight data driven marketing
adasight data driven marketing
adasight data driven marketing
adasight data driven marketing
Pinpoint the crucial metric that represents your startup success and aligns your team's efforts.
Uncover the most impactful key performance indicators (KPIs) and their interconnections to drive growth effectively.
Implement top growth  stack (Amplitude, Rudderstack, Segment) for continuous improvement in Product and Marketing. This is the foundation of our approach.
We equip your product and marketing teams with growth analytics. We streamline your tech stack, as partners with Amplitude, Segment, Rudderstack. We offer expert guidance to maximize these tools for your teams. Benefit of: Behavioral and Channel Analytics, User Segmentation, Power User and Advanced Funnel Analysis, Retention Analysis, and insight into Feature Releases, Product Market Fit and Internationalization Analysis.
Our approach to Growth makes it easier by giving you a clear plan based on practical tests. We help you improve step by step in product growth and adapting to the market all based in Growth Analytics. This way, every choice is smart, every plan is tried, and every result gets you nearer to GROWTH.
Growth is a combination of skill sets, strategies or tactics that a startup  can use to drive growth. identify if you are having an acquisition problem, retention or want expand into new markets.

Team Stacked with the Best Talent

Dayana Marin Valencia adasight marketing analytics
Dayana Marin Valencia
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Dayana is an accomplished Marketing Leader with 10+ years of expertise in business growth, experimentation, and market expansion. Formerly as Senior Global Marketing Lead at headquarters where she managed global campaigns with multimillion budgets annually.

She is also growth mentor at, helping series A & B startups with their main acquisition and product challenges. She also worked in Europe for companies such as Bigsearch, Bidmath and Rockstart Accelerator.

Gregor Spielmann adasight marketing analytics
Gregor Spielmann
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Gregor is a seasoned Data Consultant with 8+ years of expertise in product and marketing analytics stack. He has honed his analytical skills working for specialized tech companies such as Optimizely and Amplitude (IPO 2021), where he had worked with Product Leaders of companies like, Adidas.

He is great at providing startups advice and audit their growth stack, recommending best practices for data-enabled growth and training teams.


We've helped more than 50+ teams use Growth Analytics  to scale 

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"Gregor's one of the best data consultants, especially with Amplitude. He's helped our team a lot, getting our app on track with the right data. He's great at getting Amplitude set up, and he's always in sync with our dev and product teams to make sure everything's tracked right. We've decided to contract Adasight for more advanced stuff. We have weekly advisory, and they are always there to make sure we really get how Amplitude works."
Saira Ashraf
Head of Growth at Tradezella
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I absolutely love the observations and knowledge sharing from Adasight’s team. It's exactly the kind of insights we've been looking to understand from our onboarding and activation! Specifically, I love how you're correlating data, deriving potential causes, and also describing the charts. Immensely helpful 🌟
Analia Ibargoyen
Head of Product at Tonic
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"Their vast knowledge, ability to adapt proven frameworks and willingness to go above and beyond make them a top choice to power the growth of our Gravystack app. Through insights and changes in our onboarding that improve activation. Thank you guys for lending your unique skill set to our business. You have been a joy to work with."
Stephanie McDaniel
COO, Gravvy Stack
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"I'm so happy that we are working with you. You understand the growth industry, and have helped us understand our data, to make core decisions in our marketing and funnel. The mix between product and marketing for a B2C startup.
 Kristina Smeadly
Cofounder & Head of Growth at Elite Competitor
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"After working with Adasight  for multiple of our startups, they are our first choice as partner for Growth Analytics & Strategy. We're impressed about their way of combining consulting strategy with practical and hands-on concept realisation and their team is very skilled and well connected in the industry."
Robert Iken
Director at Morrow Ventures

Adasight partners with the world’s leading product & marketing analytics tools


What is Growth Analytics?

Growth is the overlap  between marketing and product, where ANALYTICS  is the fuel of  your growth model and helps  in identifying initiatives that can influence the KPIs you care about.
growth analytics marketing
Growth Analytics Stack
We're passionate about staying up-to-date with analytics  stack and help you trust your data again. We work with: Amplitude, Segment, Rudderstack among others and help you e.g. integrate your product and marketing stack into Amplitude.  

Growth Model
Deeply understand your users, funnel, and growth levers. See the value of data by being able to improve your acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, referral.
Growth Strategy
 We put industry frameworks into practice to improve your growth KPI's. Our team brings expertise from the world’s pioneers in A/B testing and growth.

Customer Success Stories

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Adasight is your go-to partner for growth, specializing in analytics for product, and marketing strategy. We provide companies with top-class frameworks to thrive.

Gregor Spielmann adasight marketing analytics