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Tradezella: Fintech From Beta to Launch Success

Amplitude Implementation and Coaching on Advanced Analytics to Iterate to Product Market Fit

Key Achievements

✅ Successful Amplitude Setup: Successfully set up Amplitude for the first time, providing valuable user insights that would have otherwise been missed, overcoming challenges such as lack of in-product tracking for understanding user behavior before public launch.

✅Established Analytics Foundation: Established a strong foundation in analytics, leading to higher value users and a data-driven approach.

✅ Product Analytics Implementation: Implemented product analytics to measure key user KPIs, including activation, retention, and feature engagement.

✅Improved Onboarding Process: Improved visibility of friction points in the onboarding process and identified high-converting channels.

✅User Retention and Persona Insights: Obtained insights into user retention and ideal customer personas, enabling the company to progress to the next stage of growth.

✅ Paid Campaigns Optimization: Enabled the start of paid campaigns by identifying channels that drive high engagement users.

✅Revenue Generation Increase: Increased revenue generation by launching the platform into the market with meaningful insights and a long-term roadmap based on user needs.

The Challenge

Lacking visibility of what friction points the onboarding had, and which channels were  converting well. It was a requirement to first understand what makes user retain, and go back to their ideal customer personas, to be able to get to the next company growth stage. The main challenges summarize to the following:

  • Currently, no tracking for in-product behaviour, wherefore most decisions are made by gut-feeling
  • Lack of overview of what makes users retain and become long-term users
  • Understanding needed for public launch is on decisions such as onboarding flows and feature expansion
  • In order to start with paid campaigns, need to understand what channels drive high engagement users.
"Working with Adasight has been a game-changer for Tradezella. They helped us set up the right analytics tools and strategies, transforming our approach from mere traffic generation to attracting high-value users. With their guidance, we confidently launched our platform, which has not only started generating meaningful revenue but has also given us invaluable insights into our users' behavior and needs. Adasight's expertise has not only helped us measure and optimize our product but has also equipped us to create effective growth strategies.”
Saira Ahraf
Head of Growth in Tradezella

The Process

Planning: Selecting Tools and Creating a Tracking Plan
  • We started by mapping out important user journeys and had discussions with the leadership, product, and growth teams to determine the product's value and the key features that contribute to delivering this value to their clients.
  • We provided support in evaluating their analytics tools, considering their specific needs and context.
  • A tracking plan was developed, focusing on crucial funnels, activation events, and core features.
Execution: Implementing and Using Analytics
  • In close collaboration with the client's development team, we proceeded with the implementation of tracking and made necessary configurations in Amplitude.
  • We also generated charts, dashboards, and reports that helped address initial research questions, with a particular emphasis on user onboarding and product growth metrics.

The Outcome

  • Creating full visibility across in-app user behavior, and marketing channels. The established baseline metrics served as a starting point.
  • Implement product analytics to be able to measure user KPIs such as activation, retention, and feature engagement
  • Be able to answer in-depth and specific questions such as: What really is our key action for activated users? (activated user = finds value in app, has "aha moment" and has high likelihood of retaining)
  • Be able to confidently make the platform public, and start paid channels with sustainable growth, and not wasting ads budget.

By helping Tradezella set up the right analytics tools, we guided them in becoming more data-focused. This allowed them to better understand how their product was performing and how to make it even better. They also learned how to attract valuable users instead of just getting more visitors.

With our guidance, Tradezella launched their platform with confidence, and it started making revenue. They now use the data they've collected to understand what users like and plan for the future. They can spot areas where they can do better and find new opportunities for growth. Plus, they can see if the changes they make are working or not.

In a nutshell, our analytics work helped Tradezella become more data-savvy, make improvements to their product, and attract high-value users, not just random traffic.

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