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Video Streaming Company Boosting Subscription Revenue 2X with Experimentation Model

GA4 & Amplitude together for deeper insights into product engagement (such as feature adoption), and marketing mix.

Key Achievements

👉 98% increase of sales revenue through Adasight experimentation model
👉 2x increase in value  subscriptions from approaching a data driven UX approach
👉 Experimentation Framework Implemented  with Product and Growth team for Acquisition and Retention
👉 Ongoing Experimentation Culture Program to Improve LTV

The Challenge

The product and growth team of the video streaming platform were aware that the conversion rate from free sign-ups to purchases was too low, and they were leaving growth potential on the table. Main challenge points:

  • How do we identify which part of the user experience was causing friction and leading users to drop off in the funnel?
  • How do I get better results of the traffic coming to the site? In order to improve revenue without increasing the paid budgets, it was clear that this funnel had to be improved.
  • How do we approach testing strategically? There were many opinions from different stakeholders on what to change, but there was a big uncertainty as to whether it would help the conversion

“I'm absolutely glad by the impact Adasight has had on our company—our sales revenue skyrocketed by 98% once we implemented their experimentation model. We not only doubled the value of our subscriptions but set a new standard for customer experience on our site. It wasn't just a one-time fix; Adasight's commitment to an ongoing culture of experimentation has empowered us with a strategy for continuous improvement, significantly lifting our Lifetime Value (LTV). The team’s approach—objective, data-informed, and results-focused—has impacted our growth trajectory, turning me into an advocate for their methods”.
Head of Product

The Process

The team was keen to ensure the following things:

1. Change the UX at the right place, with the highest impact
2. Use data to prove that the change lead to a positive impact
3. Objectively rank the different ideas, independent of whom they came from

We have met these requirements with our approach that consisted of the following steps:

A) Analysis of the user journey from a qualitative and heuristic perspective. We identified the biggest drop off steps, and possible UX friction points.

B) In a structured working session, we generated ideas and well formulated hypothesis. These hypotheses were translated into experiment descriptions, which were ranked by effort, impact and profitability.

C) The experiments set up, and closely monitored on their impact and the time they reached statistical significance.

D) In a final working session, the experiment results were discussed and interpreted. With the data at hand, it could be objectively discussed which new variations would be part of the new user experience.

The Outcome

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Testing Approach

  • Prioritize the identified friction points in the user journey and focus on optimizing those specific areas first.
  • Implement A/B testing or multivariate testing on the critical pages to experiment with different design, layout, or content variations.
  • Test changes incrementally and measure the impact on the CR and Average Order Value  to ensure that the changes are effective.

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