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Music App Tonic: Retention & Acquisition Insights and Experimentation To Power Growth

Amplitude, Appsflyer, Braze - Advanced Insights on Retention & Acquisition Powered by Adasight 📊📈💥

Key Achievements

Adasight and Tonic ( really hit it off in their project together. They got some big brains on board, like Tonic’s Head of Product, Analía Ibargoyen, and Cofounder/CTO, Rose Xi, and together with Adasight we dived into refining Tonic's growth strategies.

Here's the cool stuff Adasight did:

  • Conducted a thorough data integrity audit of tools like Segment, Amplitude, and Braze. This was all about making sure Tonic's data was spot-on.
  • Refined key growth metrics, focusing on user sign-up, keeping users coming back, and overall user stickiness.
  • Analyzed user behaviors across the board, from the most active to the least, to get a full picture of how people use Tonic.
  • Implemented the Duolingo Growth States Model. Yep, the language learning app! It's called the Duolingo Growth States Model. It’s this fancy way of understanding how users move through the app and keep getting better. By applying this model to Tonic, they got a whole new perspective on how users learn and progress. It’s like having a roadmap for user growth.

This collaboration led to some sweet results – better user engagement and stronger retention. It's set Tonic on a solid path in the music education sector.

The Challenge

Tonic was at this crucial point where they really needed new insights to grow. They had tons of data, but making sense of it to actually improve things was tough. The main problems? Their data wasn't really being used right for making smart decisions. They didn't have clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), so it was hard to see what was driving their growth or where they were getting stuck. And they needed to get a better grip on user behavior to keep people engaged and coming back."

I absolutely love the observations and knowledge sharing from Adasight’s team. It's exactly the kind of insights we've been looking for! Specifically, I love how you're correlating data, deriving potential causes, and also describing the charts. Immensely helpful 🌟
Analia Ibargoyen
Head of Product at Tonic

The Process

Adasight approached Tonic’s challenge methodically, focusing on a data-driven strategy. The process unfolded in several well-defined steps:

  • Collaborative Approach: Adasight engaged in in-depth discussions with Tonic’s leadership to align on objectives and expectations.
  • Tech Setup Audit: An extensive audit of Tonic’s tech stack was performed to identify and rectify any issues compromising data integrity.
  • Growth KPIs Definition: By working hand-in-hand with Tonic, Adasight helped to pinpoint the most crucial KPIs for growth, tailoring them to the unique context of Tonic’s business model.
  • Analytical Deep Dive: Utilizing tools like Segment, Amplitude, and Braze, Adasight performed rigorous analyses of user activation and retention, setting the stage for insightful user segmentation and power user identification.

The Outcome

The solution provided by Adasight was multi-faceted, addressing the challenges at both strategic and tactical levels:

  • Data Reliability: By auditing and improving the data integrity across Tonic’s analytical tools, Adasight ensured that all subsequent decisions were grounded in accurate insights.
  • Focused Growth Tracking: The introduction of clear, actionable Growth KPIs allowed Tonic to consistently measure and track the effectiveness of its growth strategies.
  • Insightful User Segmentation: The power user analysis illuminated the behaviors driving engagement, enabling Tonic to tailor their product development and marketing strategies to capitalize on these insights.
  • Framework Implementation: Adopting the Duolingo Growth States Model provided a structured approach to user engagement, allowing Tonic to benchmark against a proven growth framework.

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